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DC-3Vet Ultrasound System

 Professional Design for Veterinary Use

. Specially designed veterinary transducers
. Reproductive software packages for Dogs, Cats, Equine, Bovine, and Ovine
. Powerful veterinary information management
. User-programmable Calculation & Measurement Function

Exceptional Ergonomics

. Compact system design with best mobility
. High definition LCD monitor & omnidirectional arm
. Swivel and height adjustable control panel
. Home-based keyboard layout with back-lighting and task lighting
. Hand-held transducer design with light and flexible cable.

Intelligent Workflow.
. Context-based soft keys: Easy parameter adjustment and measurement
. iTouch™: Quick image optimization for both 2D and PW images
. Q-click™: Click and adjust on-screen parameters directly
. Synchronous navigation: Manual-free operation
. Thumbnail: Easy review during live scanning
. Editable report with images embedded
. Off-line analysis, partial keyword search, easy conversion and export
. Image Storage and transfer: DVD-R/W, USB and optional DICOM3.0.