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Stress ECG System

 Standard Features:
• 12-channel resting ECG
• Automatic ECG measurements and interpretation
• 12-channel fulldisclosure exercise ECG,with ST measurement and rhythm measurement
• Real time display,analyze HR,ST segment,and reanalyze ST segment
• ST,Delta ST,ST/HR,ST slope,J point and R point trends
• Data management system
• Built-in thermal printer records,3,6,or 12 channels simultaneously in real time
• Common laser printer interface for documentation on standard(A4) paper
• ST1200 controls selection of peripheral
equipment(ergometers,treadmills and NIBP) through integrated interface protocols(Bruce,Bruce modified,Balke ware,Ellestad,ect.)
• Large color screen with high resolution for paperless operation
• Micosoft Windows XP operating system

ST1200 specification


Monitor:17"colour,high resolution
Operator interface:Standard alphanumeric PC keyboard,and mouse
Power requirement:110/230V,50/60Hz
Battery:emergency ECG capability with uninterrupted internal power supply for up to 3 minutes
Operating system:Microsoft Windows XP
Hardware options
Chart paper:Thermoreactive,Z-fold,width,A4
Paper speed:12.5/25/50mm/sec
Print format:6/12 channel printout,
Automatic baseline adjustment

Technical data
Frequency Response:0.05-70Hz(+3dB)
Sampling rate:1000Hz/ch
Maximum Electrode Potential:+300mV DC
Current Leek:<10µA
Digtial Resolution:12 bits
Input range:+10 mV