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Digital BTE Hearing Aid

Promotion Price in September: 128USD

 · ISO13485, CE, FDA approved as a solution for the challenges faced by those with a moderate to severe hearing loss. 

· 100% Digital Processing for Exceptional Sound Quality
· 4 Channels WDRC Multi-Memories Amplifier
· 12 Bands Frequency Shaping
· 4 Channels Low Level Noise Reduction
· Output Compression Limiting (AGC-O) 
· Adjustable Switch Tones
· Low Battery Warning
· Outstanding design gives you a more appealing look
· Adaptable Feedback Cancellation isolates and eliminates whistling before it starts

Package Includes:
Attractive carrying case Travel pouch (1)
13 battery (1 per device)
Air tube (1 per device)
Dome (Type: open, Size: 6mm/9mm/12mm. 1 piece for each)
Brush (1)
User Instruction (1)
Techinical Data: 
Peak Value: 130dB
Output at 1600Hz: 120dB
Maximum Gain: 53dB
Gain at 1600Hz: 48dB
Battery Current: 1.0mA
Equivalent Input Noise: 25dB
Total Harmonic Distortion: 1.5%
Fitting Range: 100dB