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PH Meter

Automatic Calibration
The meters is capable of calibrating up to 3 points using USA or NIST pH standard buffer. Press the CAL key to enter calibration mode and immerse pH sensor into indicated calibration solutions, press ENTER key and meter is automatically calibrated.

Auto-Buffer Recognition
During calibration, if the calibration solution does not match the meter’s indicated value, an ERROR message is displayed. After calibration, the percentage slope of the electrode is displayed before the meter returns to measurement mode. Per the electrode slopes, you can decides whether to replace the pH electrode.

Automatic or Manual Temperature Compensation
The meters provides manual or automatic temperature compensation mode for optimum accuracy under variable temperature conditions.

Fluid Resistant Housing and Swivel Electrode Holder
The integrated plastic housing and keypad is sealed to protect against accidental spills. The electrode holder arm is rapidly switched to both sides and swivels and articulates for convenient use and positioning.