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LW38 Hemodialysis Machine

• Hemodialysis, Hemoperfusion, plasma exchange, pure ultrafiltration, hemofiltration, hemodiafiltration and CRRT
• Patent design of double direction substitute liquid pump makes accurate water balance in and out of patient's body
• Input water pressure from 0-0.6Mpa,separate water loop design eliminates the possibility of cross contamination
Clinical application:
• Hemodialysis Therapy: the same as LW20;
• Pure ultrafiltration Therapy: the same as LW20
• Hemoperfusion Therapy: the same as LW20
• Plasma exchange Therapy: the same as LW20
• Hemofiltration therapy: High blood volume of acute, chronic kidney failure,serious heart failure.
• Hemodiafiltration therapiy: suitable for patients with creatinin, high urea nitrogen and accompany with the symptoms requiring hemofiltation therapy, which make dialysis patients get good blood purification effect in a short time.
• CRRT therapy: Excessive body-fluid load and invalid diuretic ARF, acute pulmonary edema, hydro-cephalus: Cardiovascular system unstable, hypotension, heart surgery old ARF patients and cannot bear HD and PD.

• Dialyzer(P.E.S. material)
• Blood line
• Fistula needle
• Dialysis agent powder
Standard Configuration:
• Main unit
• Digital parameters setting parts
• Relative consumables
• Fitting box