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LW28 Hemodialysis Machine

• Capable to do hemodialysis, hemoperfusion, plasma exchange, hemodiafiltration on-line and pure UF treatments
• Touch screen was equipped and it can show 7 Na+and UF profiles
• Backup power supply, Kt/V, HCO3¯ adjustments, single needle, acetate treatments, pyrogen filter port for on-line hemodiafiltration and net connection function
• Input water pressure from 0-0.6Mpa;
• Dry powder dialysis function

Standard Configuration:
• Main unit
• Touch screen with digital parameters setting parts
• Relative consumables
• Fitting box

• Dialyzer(P.E.S. material)
• Blood line
• Fistula needle
• Dialysis agent powder

Clinical application:
• Hemodialysis Therapy: the same as LW20
• Pure ultrafiltration Therapy: the same as LW20
• Hemoperfusion Therapy: the same as LW20
• Plasma exchange Therapy: the same as LW20
• Na+and UF profiling
Be applicable for reducing the side effect during dialysis treatment such as low/high blood pressure, muscle convulsion, headache, nausea, vomit and etc.
• Kt/V function: The sufficiency of dialysis can be reflected by Kt/V.
• HCO3 -adjustment function: Be applicable for serious acid toxicosis patient. Be capable to calibrate the acid toxicosis status according to patient's state of illness.