International standard Mammography

  Safe: More protection, Less radiation based on auto-exposal patient technology
  Comfortable: Fixed-center rotation technology, different angle imaging without moving of patient
  Convenient: Very compact mechanical design, easy to operate
  Clear: Auto-filter technology, enhance definition of picture
Combine with the user-friendly design concepts and powerful functions, Navigator Platinum Mammography provides perfect image quality, and brings a comfortable, safe and convenient application environment for the operator and the patient.
Navigator Platinum Mammography is a high-end model of Navigator series mammography products, which adopt modular design, and the system can be upgraded to the future digital imaging capability.
Perfect image quality
Adhering to the vision of "Build Quality, Build Reliability", Sinomdt choose the best quality components and materials, combined with first-class design to build the excellent image quality
Best quality tube, dual focus
650mm focus
Manual/ automatic (AEC) / full Automatic Exposure Mode (AAEC)
Automatic Exposure Control (AAEC) adjusts exposure parameters automatically in accordance with the density of breast tissue, to ensure the image quality
Highly integrated, low-ripple, high-frequency and high voltage power improve image quality effectively, reduce exposure duration and radiation, extend tube life
Electric shoot focus adjustment
High-quality jitter filter grids reduce image artifacts ality of this machine.
Comfortable inspection process
User-friendly designs make the breast inspection process ease and comfortable
“Isocenter rotation” patent technique, C-arm rotated by the center of breast automatically, take pictures from multi-angle without patient moving
Flexible breast compression technology, squeeze breast in safe and comfortable state, digital display the thickness and pressure in real-time
Emergency release function ensure patient is safe
Automatic release function, compression plate rounded comfortable design, to minimize patient discomfort
Minimize radiation
Automatic exposure control achieving the best image quality while minimizing radiation
Full Automatic Exposure Control (AAEC) ensure the best image and minimize the radiation
Radiation protection no less than 1.5mm lead equivalent
Convenient operation
User-friendly design, easy to use with high efficiency
All movement electric control, touchable and operate convenient, easy to deal with even a large number of patients 
Bilateral man-machine interface brings flexible on-site operation 
Remote control platform can set exposure parameters, protect operators effectively
Elegant design
The smooth and elegant design allows the machine has a light weight, good looks, smart structure
Highly integrated, low-ripple, high frequency and high voltage power technology miniaturize the high voltage power system, integrated it into the head of machine without large affiliated power facilities 
Width 67cm, depth 90cm, occupy small space
Telescopic columns design makes the machine can be shrunk to 110cm, compact, weight less than 200Kg, transportation convenient, and easy to install