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Record 2012 New Year Party
News Time:[2011-12-22 00:00:00]

Date: 2011/12/22
Address: Heng Feng Hai Yue Five-Star Hotel
Story: New Year Party
When the Sun goes down, night Shenzhen show her more breathtaking nighttime view to congratulate the upcoming New Year 2012. After great dinner, all of A-FAITH person gather together and looking forward to the beginning of the party.

Before party, Mr. Kang, CEO of A-FAITH Company, express his faithful greeting of New Year, thank for A-FAITH people’s always hardworking and effort during pass year, and happy New Year to all of people in the company. Mr. Kang also stated company’s development planning and strategy in the following year, people’s enthusiastically applauding show our entire optimistic outlook.

Chorus <Tomorrow will be Better> declare the beginning of the party. On the stage, singing, dancing, short sketch, poetry recitation, wonderful performance is coming one by one, no-stop clapping from audience make the whole party Bustling and lively. Climaxing is produced from Lucky Draw, Ipad, 3D TV, camera and 10000RMB cash.

The Poetry recitation <The South, The North> make the people who work out of hometown be full of tears.

In the party, the excellent staff and the excent team are commended and rewarded; all of their hardworking are recognized by the company.

The last program- song <We are a family>, mean among us, not only working relationship, but also friendship, affection and love. We are a family.

Memorable party, unforgettable night, every happiness is stopped into our eternal memory for forever. Let’s work together to create a brilliant future.